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Flat Bottom - Hand Hammered Wok

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Product Description

Crafted by master blacksmiths from the Zhang Qiu district in China's Shandong province. This wok is unlike any other, hammered tens of thousands of times, resulting in a wok that is unparalleled in strength, durability and performance. Made from premium carbon steel, this wok heats evenly and quickly, and features a naturally non-stick surface with proper seasoning. With a flat bottom suitable for all stoves, this wok is the perfect tool for creating delicious stir-fries, fried rice, and more. Elevate your cooking game with this exceptional wok, passed down from generations of skilled artisans.


Material: Carbon Steel

Shape: Flat-bottom

Flat Base Diameter: About 15cm

Weight: varies with the size

Thickness: About 2.3mm

The wok comes blued and is shipped with a layer of protective oil that needs to be washed off before use.

Care and Maintenance

Avoid cooking acidic ingredients like tomato sauce or vinegar in this wok within the first few months of receiving it. In the beginning, the seasoning has not yet built up, and cooking acids will strip the seasoning of the wok and you will have to reseason it.If you accidentally cook something acidic in this wok, do not worry. You just need to reseason the wok.Do not put this in the dishwasher. It will completely strip the seasoning. However, if you accidentally put it in the dishwasher, you can start the seasoning process again.

Accessories included with the wok

accessories included with Oxenforge hand hammered woks


compatibility chart for Oxenforge hand hammered flat bottom woks

Size guide

size guide for flat bottom hand forged woks

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Our woks go through a 12-step forging process that involves hammering it tens of thousands of times to achieve a mirror-like finish.


Our woks go through a 12-step forging process that involves hammering it tens of thousands of times to achieve a mirror-like finish.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kathryn Jennings

Oxenforge Hand Hammered Wok (Flat-Bottom)

Sherrell Johnson

Oxenforge Hand Hammered Wok (Flat-Bottom)

A Real Wok

This truly is the real deal. The hammered surface, almost mirror-smooth, and the one-piece construction are elegant and attractive. Heat retention and diffusion is perfect, and be sure to follow the advice with respect to a slow process to bring it up to heat of you’re cooking directly on an element. Keeping it properly seasoned is always the trick, but it’s not a huge concern just because of the quality of the finish. Really nice.

Sean Dobbs
Warped on first use

Bought the flat-bottomed version and was excited to use it. It looks great: robust handle, nice bluing, good weight to it. Threw it on the induction burner over low heat to warm it up. Hit it with some oil. Turned her up to medium heat. *POP* bottom bulged. Doesn’t sit flat, doesn’t heat evenly… it left me disappointed and frustrated.

What a work of Art!

I bought this recently after seeing a few people on Reddit talking about it, and I was surprised by how well it actually performs. It's a piece of art, and it feels like it would last me a lifetime. Just like everyone on Reddit was saying, the mirror smooth surface is the so smooth that nothing sticks to the wok!