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Round Bottom - Hand Hammered Wok

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Product Description

Crafted by master blacksmiths from the Zhang Qiu district in China's Shandong province. This wok is unlike any other, hammered tens of thousands of times, resulting in a wok that is unparalleled in strength, durability and performance. Made from premium carbon steel, this wok heats evenly and quickly, and features a naturally non-stick surface with proper seasoning. With a round bottom for authentic stir-frying, this wok is the perfect tool for creating delicious stir-fries, fried rice, and more. Elevate your cooking game with this exceptional wok, passed down from generations of skilled artisans.


Material: Carbon Steel

Shape: Round-bottom

Weight: Varies with size

Thickness: About 2mm

The wok comes blued and is shipped with a layer of vegetable oil that needs to be washed off before use.

Care and Maintenance

Avoid cooking acidic ingredients like tomato sauce or vinegar in this wok within the first few months of receiving it. In the beginning, the seasoning has not yet built up, and cooking acids will strip the seasoning of the wok and you will have to reseason it.If you accidentally cook something acidic in this wok, do not worry. You just need to reseason the wok.Do not put this in the dishwasher. It will completely strip the seasoning. However, if you accidentally put it in the dishwasher, you can start the seasoning process again.

Accessories included with the wok

accessories included with Oxenforge hand hammered woks


Compatibility chart for Oxenforge hand hammered round bottom woks

Size guide

Size guide for Oxenforge hand hammered round bottom woks

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Our woks go through a 12-step forging process that involves hammering it tens of thousands of times to achieve a mirror-like finish.


Our woks go through a 12-step forging process that involves hammering it tens of thousands of times to achieve a mirror-like finish.



Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
William Cirino
Excellent wok for my needs.

I’ve used it half a dozen times in the last few weeks and it’s been a wonderful experience every time. I have a high output range (22k BTU) and it’s a profound difference to any other experience i have had with a wok. If i do my part it’s non stick and easy peasy cleaning…. Totally happy. Here’s my first effort making American style Kung Pao chicken…. It way better than expected.

Thanks William! Your cooking looks great!

A wonderful product from a wonderful company.

Everything about it looks and feels amazing. I’m happy with my size choice (34 cm), the weight doesn't feel problematic for me, the handle with silicone cover makes the wok easy to manipulate, the stainless utensils are excellent. Easily lives up to the hype.

Customer service is top-notch—quick and clear communication from the owner who is a wealth of knowledge and is happy to answer questions and indulge curiosities.

Grateful for businesses that make traditional-quality products available to the world!

A Thing of Beauty

Five Stars! Can't recommend Oxenforge's woks more! It's a work of art and a thing of beauty. It's more than just a throwaway pot, it's for a lifetime. Great dishes and results. Also great customer service as well, and super responsive to questions.

Thanks for your kind words, Henry! I hope you make lots of great memories with your new wok!

Amazing Wok!

I purchased the 34 cm wok. It took 10 days from shipping notice to delivery. Well worth the wait. I expected to wait longer. I requested that the silicone handle protector NOT be installed on the handle. It was included in the package along with a wood lid. I did not expect the wood lid. Items were carefully packed inside an Oxenforge box with lots of bubble wrap. The box was wrapped/packed inside a large plastic bag and taped.

The mirror finish of the cooking surface is simply wow! You can see my flower reflected on it in the attached photo.

When the wok arrived, I read the instruction card. I washed the woks with soap and warm water, per instruction. Then I dried it with a clean kitchen towel.

I heated it on a portable gas stove. I set the flame low and increased it gradually. I "flicked" some water which evaporated right away. Added generous amount of olive oil (it is what I have); stir fried some chives. I moved the chives around to "wipe" the inside of the wok.

Dished out the chives. The chives did not taste metallic but they were overcooked, so I ditched them.

Let the wok cool; wiped off the excess oil; the wok was clean but I washed it in kitchen faucet hot water with a bamboo brush. Wiped it off dry with kitchen towel.

I fried an egg in olive oil. The egg has been out of the refrigerator half a day. I used my spatula to "release" the egg; it danced on the wok after a nudge with my spatula.

Then I fried a grilled eggplant omelette: grill eggplant; peel. Beat an egg on a plate; season with salt and pepper. Flatten the egplant on the beaten eggs; coat both sides with the egg. Heat wok, add oil, fry egg-coated eggplant until light brown on both sides.

Again, I used my spatula to nudge the eggplant to release. It danced on the wok after that nudge.

This evening, I cooked Philippine chop suey - stir fried vegetables - with white sauce, which I skipped (sauce is corn starch-based; I avoid adding corn starch to my dishes). The wok wiped off clean with paper towels, but I washed it in warm water, scrubbed it with bamboo brush. I felt its cooking surface; all smooth, no stuck food bits. Dried it with kitchen towel. Sprayed grape seed oil (it is what I have in spray container) on a paper towel; wiped it on the wok's cooking surface and also on the outside and handle.

This wok is going to cook and make a lot of memories with family and friends. It will outlive me, for sure.

I plan to buy a second piece to keep this wok company. And also because these days, I cook the same recipe in two versions - a version for those who eat anything; and, another for those who eat plant-based.

Happy cooking!

10/10 Amazing

I have several woks and a high BTU burner, and this thing hands down blows all the other ones away. The owner I have chatted with for some time on the chat box and he answered tons of questions, and then some. With all the fake woks floating around I wasn't sure what to expect but after seeing it in my hands and seeing the quality I truly see how this is the real deal of hand hammered perfection. Thanks! I think I will be buying another soon

Thanks Travis! It looks absolutely stunning on your wok burner! I hope you make lots of good memories with this wok man!